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The Best Movie You Missed This Summer…

In Uncategorized on September 23, 2008 at 10:19 pm

The fact that The Fall took three years to get to the screen and that when it did, it was panned by critics makes you realize why George Bush got reelected in 2004.  People don’t just get the leaders they deserve, they get the art they deserve, as well. 

The Fall is a story within a story.  Set in Southern California during the 20s, two strangers find each other in a hospital while they are both convalescing from injuries.  Their relationship begins with Roy (Lee Pace) telling a fantastic epic tale to Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), a little girl who, like Roy, is recovering from more than just a physical injury.  It seems at first that Roy is just passing the time, but the story he is telling his friend, for all its imaginative power, points to the realities and problems in his own life.  The split structure between reality and imagination allows the movie to be an adventure, but one with a real emotional payoff.  Half the movie is set in far off lands, and half of it, is about a man trying to grow up.  The thing that separates this movie from a lot of other “man-boy” movies that seem so popular nowadays is that his teacher isn’t another person, it’s his epic fairy tale that heals the real wounds he’s struggling with.

It’s a clever structure that shows the power of storytelling.  But powerful storytelling, alas, doesn’t sell.  The Fall was barely able to get distribution because no one was sure what to call it.  Is it a kid’s movie?  Is it a fantasy?  One of the stars is a child, but the violence in the film negates any possibility of this being suitable for children.  And the main story about a man learning to deal with heartbreak and rejection probably wouldn’t sell with the comics crowd.  So, the critics called it a failed movie, never stopping to think that maybe Tarsem Singh (the director and writer) was not out to make a kid’s tale at all, or a fantasy, for that matter.  Instead, he’s created a story that if we paid attention to, would instruct us as to why we’re willing to spend two hours and twelve bucks every time we go to the movies.


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  3. great review ! perfect ! is wonderful tale about cinema, love and childhood.

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