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bitch-fest–teacher style…

In teaching & education, Uncategorized on May 21, 2010 at 1:41 am

I love teaching, and I’m lucky enough to be able to do it at the college level, which is what I wanted and why I went to grad school for three years.  There is a hitch, though: I teach at a private community college, which is just like a public one except that it’s a lot more expensive and sometimes feels like a bit of a factory.  This is the kind of place where kids are encouraged not to think, but to be practical, to get ahead and to get out.  They don’t always know why they are here.  They are after better jobs and better futures, but I am not sure they’ve been made to think about what those phrases mean.

Enter the faculty.  We’re supposed to challenge them to figure out where they are heading after graduation.  That’s what I think, though many of my colleagues on faculty are not really interested in this kind of question either.  I’m not sure the administrators would want me to do much of this either, to be honest. 

Anyway, that’s the backdrop.  Now here’s the question that I put out to anyone who has an answer for me.  What do you do if you love your job, but your job requires you to work all the time, and not getting paid very much for it and sometimes even beats you down for trying to do too good of a job?  I know I may sound like a whiner, and I apologize.  If I keep this post, I may delete some of the previous paragraph.  Truth is though that I don’t feel like I have much time for anything but my job.  I don’t see my wife enough.  When I’m home, I’m always grading (or trying to avoid grading).  But on the other hand, working an office job (the other lot for a person with an advanced degree in the Humanities) sucks.  Sure, there’s no HW to grade, but your mind has to be turned off for eight hours at a time.

I know.  I am complaining.  But does anyone have any ideas?

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