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Stanley Fish…what are you teaching?

In observations, Uncategorized, writers & books on May 29, 2010 at 3:25 pm

I usually like Stanley Fish, but in a recent blog about a Arizona Law 2281 (not the one you’ve heard of, but another crazy one this time dealing with education) I am not sure I see his point.  He seems to be arguing that education should not be political.  In school, I used to try to avoid classes that always pushed the connection between education and oppression.  It kind of makes for a neurotic experience if everything you learn becomes sucked up into a conspiracy sponsored by some majority (whatever that means).  That said, to educate is, hopefully, to make people think critically about whatever the subject is.  If those thinking skills get turned toward politics, then so be it.  To put it simply, if education is not always political, then at least it seems to always potentially be so.

Anyway, check out the Fish article.  Link supplied below by d_Taoist…


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