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In teaching & education, Uncategorized on June 10, 2010 at 1:43 pm

I’m sitting here with an intro English class. It’s sunny outside, so attendance is not great and on top of that, we’re coming to the end of the quarter. We’ve done all of the requirements, so I decided to make us do a fun assignment. They had to take a character in a story they read and then spin off another story from there. I’m trying to get these guys to be able to tell a story–a complete story with the classical structure of problem and resolution. Honestly, I didn’t think the lesson would go over very well, but it has. They were sleepy and I could tell they didn’t want to be here, but once we sat down and started outlining their stories, they came alive.

Stories, I know, are the best way to teach lessons, but I think they might also help people learn lessons as well. I’m wondering if grammar lessons would work better if people learned as they came up with stories. I know there’s a reason why we teach the standard compare and contrast and cause and effect essays, but there might be something to teaching in other more lively ways.

What do you think?


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