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Roman Catholic Church in NYC…I’m not proud of you…

In observations, Uncategorized on June 27, 2010 at 11:51 pm

It’s Pride Week, but I just read an article on the CNN website that makes me, a heterosexual man and troubled Catholic, not very proud at all. St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church, the church in the village that is named in the story (see link below) was where my wife was confirmed. It was a church that my wife and I attended during the last year of our time in NYC–a place known for being welcoming to all. I have no doubt that Father Joe, the pastor there, is trying his best to keep the place as open as it was when we attended, but things they are a-changing. Or maybe that’s just the problem. Things don’t really change in the RC church unless becoming more extreme can be considered change. This weekend, faithful gays were required to walk around with a blank banner so that Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of NYC, can seem like his churches are in line with Rome.

When will things change for gay Catholics? God knows.

Here’s the link:

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