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I love AMC’s Rubicon–you should, too!!

In media, observations on October 18, 2010 at 12:11 am

I couldn’t get to my TV during its regular showing tonight, and not having a DVD recording device, I went online and just got through a bootleg version of the last episode. Maybe I’m like those Soprano fans who went nuts because of that show’s arguably clipped ending, but whereas I was ok with that show going out as it did because in the end, I just didn’t care, with Rubicon, I am left wondering if my bootleg version cut off the end of the season finale. Does it really end on the roof with no resolution? Say it isn’t so!! It’s just a little too disappointing.

I guess I have to admit it’s a good sign. I don’t watch much TV, and I don’t like Sunday nights for the usual reasons, but at least for the last twelve weeks, there’s been Rubicon. Along the way, there have been a few clunky notes in the writing. The relationship with Andy seemed odd and untrue to who Will is, the Star Chamber scene in the finale, last week’s use of Roman history that not-so-subtly- explains the title. But there’s so much great stuff that I don’t much care about little blips. What I do care about and what I truly hope is that AMC shows some loyalty and stands their ground. The mighty Caesar of ratings might get the show in the end, but the cast, like Cato, should be allowed to stand its ground until the bitter end.


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