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Juan WIlliams and the NPR mistake…

In media on October 28, 2010 at 12:35 pm

I understand that NPR has the right to fire an employee, but the timing leaves public radio in a precarious situation. It seems as if they are punishing Mr. Williams, a long-time news analyst, for saying something heartfelt, which is not to say it was ok, though it might be necessary. I think that’s the point Mr. Williams was trying to make. He was admitting to feelings that are not ideal and probably based in ignorance, but he was trying to work through those feelings with a viewership who probably also need to work through those same feelings.

If NPR wanted to fire Mr. Williams, fine. But to do so and make it seem as if it was due to this episode makes it seem like they don’t don’t want to have painful conversations in public, which is the only real way we can get past our prejudices–whether they be religious, racial or anything else.

  1. all true. I have enjoyed Juan’s work over the years on NPR. seems like a shame, as I agree that his honest comments could have been a starting point for a larger discussion that is long overdue. this is the downside of PC, just like when the lady lost her job with the federal agency recently due to a knee-jerk reaction because her superiors were too concerned about appearance. very appropriate topic as I am right now 36,000 feet above D.C. and looking down at the Washington Monument. 🙂

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