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10 miles done AND other things…

In teaching & education, writers & books on May 22, 2011 at 8:18 am

For those of you keeping up with my anxiety fits, let me say that I did, in fact, finish my ten mile run this week.  It took a long time, but for the most part, the negativity voice was on mute throughout most of the run.  I should say that a friend I was talking to about this made a good point.  Besides writing, I teach underserved students–a politic way of describing students who did not succeed in school either because of something in them or something about the schools they attended, or most likely, some combination thereof. Anyway, her point was that I have to spend a lot of time cheering, cajoling and begging.  (Just yesterday, I got on one knee so that a student would come back into my room and finish her essay.)  Anyway, it got me thinking that maybe my positivity is like a really crappy battery on a Prius.  I only have so much energy in it before it craps out.  In grad school, I used to say the same about being social, but in that case, the battery is even crappier.  I can only be with groups of people for about two hours before Restless Leg Syndrome (or something like it) kicks in.

On the writing news, I have finally put the finishing touches on my collection, “Real Magic Doesn’t Sell”.  I believe the stories are strong, but they live somewhere between literary and genre fiction.  That is to say, they deal with character but also have a strong element of plot and surreal twists.  Think Six Feet Under meets Twilight Zone.  One writer who I have discovered recently who I like very much is Amelia Gray.  Her collection, Museum of the Weird, is just that.  Her stories tend to be shorter than mine, but they take you in new places without making you feel like you are out in space on your own.  It’s exciting to see other writers working off the beaten path.  Hopefully, my collection can join in the fun–cross fingers.

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