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time to vote…

In writing on June 1, 2011 at 12:06 pm

to vote on what my story collection should be called

OK, my peeps.  I have my first story collection done, and I am in the middle  of researching potential agents/indie presses, but here’s the dilemma: my working title is Real Magic Doesn’t Sell.  Even though that is the title of one of my favorite stories in the book, there are a couple problems–one being that “doesn’t sell” coupled with the term, “real magic,” which is kind of my theme, may not be appetizing.  So, here’s another option: Supplemental Instructions. Let’s have a vote.  Winning side will get prizes of some sort.

  1. Real Magic Doesn’t Sell. That’s the title. And it’s a good one. Now quit procrastinating and get back to your cover letters. 🙂

  2. Supplemental Instructions sounds incomplete to me – we don’t know what it’s supplemental to, as though a work with this title should accompany an appliance or electronic item of some sort. It sounds like an owners manual for something and yeah who reads owner’s manuals? especially the supplemental ones? I like ‘Real Magic Doesn’t Sell’ better too!

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