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Thanksgiving Chronicles, part 3

In life, observations, writing on November 27, 2011 at 10:59 am



So, I’m coming to the end of my stay down here in LA, and I’m a little sad.  Continuing my neuroticosity, I was sad to leave my wife for the weekend on Thursday and put it off, and now, I’m sad to leave my folks, but I am not just putting it off.  Instead, I’m sitting here in a Starbucks a couple blocks from my parents’ suburban track house.  I’m doing this in order to fight the temptation of staying at home and I’m doing this because I don’t want to cater to this weird fear that one day when my parents are no longer here, I will feel this overwhelming guilt for not having spent as much time as I can with them.  That’s an awful way to think.  I know I should focus on the now–all that Buddhist stuff.  What can I say?  I remember crying as an 8-year old thinking about my mother dying.  Where does THAT come from?  No idea.  Absolutely not a one.

So I’m here listening to some kind of falsetto-singing mellowness on the Starbucks authorized soundtrack for this store, and just this second, a couple of teenagers are sitting next to me drinking one of those mongo-sweet drinks that Starbucks likes to peddle–it’s like a dessert with a scoop of coffee thrown in for Starbucks product-inclusion, and I’m putting off working on my script for my first short, The Unfortunate Brother.  If I can get it done by January, the movie will be coming to you at a theater near you as long as you are near San Francisco.  I don’t know why I’m putting my writing off, but that’s another issue.  This is about Thanksgiving–right?

So, how about Thanksgiving?: malls, which I avoided, though I did run into traffic around an outlet mall late on Thursday night–the pre-dawn I-need-to-get-shit-cheaply crowd.  I can tell you that only a few miles from where I’m sitting, a woman pepper-sprayed her way to her bargains at a Walmart (see picture above).  Stupid and awful!!  By the way, the teenagers sitting next to me are Mormons.  Not that that’s important, except that my folks live right next to a Mormon church.  They are talking about mothers working and still being good moms.

OK, so back to Thanksgiving and the lessons I’ve learned this weekend: my folks are nuts (knew that already) but I still can have a good time with them (knew that, too.  They are good people.  And we’re all nuts.  Everyone.  (I kind of knew that, three.)  So what did I learn?  Not much. But I’m glad I came down.

Now, the Mormon kids are talking about working in film, and I know that that’s God’s way of saying I need to go work on my script.  SO, I will and I’ll be thankful.  As should you!

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