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Bobblehead Hospitality

In life, observations, Uncategorized on November 29, 2011 at 1:43 pm

So, I had to go the Genius Bar today, and as always, the geniuses were helpful. I imagine they can’t all be geniuses at the genius bar, but for the sake of brevity and my love for Apple products, I will refer to them as such. Anyway, genius that I am–I am not–I managed to take off a button from my computer a couple months ago because something got underneath the keyboard and because the geniuses had no problem doing that when I’d been with them previously, I thought I’d have no problem taking off the button, either. The problem is that since I am no-genius I was able to take the button off while also removing the little spring-thing that goes underneath.  So, I was chagrined, but the geniuses are good and nice and they went right at it and started fixing me up. LOVE IT!

But as I’m waiting for the genius to geniusificate over my MacBook, I look to my right where I see one of the non-genius Apple workers (I’m sure he was smart but not being at the genius bar, I am not willing ti give him the benefit) was speaking to an old lady about some technical thing that I don’t think she understood very well. Maybe it was empathy, but I think it was more like corporate-induced politness that was making this non-genius’ head bobble all around as she spoke. I could tell by his expression that he was trying to seem understanding and caring and attentive, but the bobblehead-stuff took it to a new level–an unreal level, a Apple corporation induced level of interest.  That type of motion could not come out of sincerity. I am no doctor, but eveolution’s need for efficiency had to have removed that kind of excessive cranial motion millennia ago.

Now, I know I live in the Bay Area and we’re friendly up here. We’re not quite southern-hospitality, but we’re not the Bronx. And so maybe the non-genius Apple worker was intensely interested in this old woman’s I-Calendar issues. I’m willing to admit it’s possible as I’m willing to admit that the young man might’ve had loose tendons in his neck making it impossible for him to keep his head steady. Yes, these things are possible. But I’ve worked enough retail positions to know that managers prefer over-the-top friendliness to sincere-disinterest. I guess I’m fine with it. I guess I don’t have a choice. But man, this Apple. I don’t need bobbleheads. I need geniuses and cool stuff and these stores have both in abundance. They are way ahead of the game compared to their mall brethren who kind of suck. I think the Apple worker–npth genius and non-genius alike–could breathe a little. Relax. De-bobble. Hell, they could even try a little bit of sincerity. It’s just an idea.

  1. There’s a lot of places that could use that, a little sincerity. All the more, now that we’re heading into the holiday seasons. Gotta love those geniuses!

  2. yeah, i love the geniuses and the non-geniuses alike. and i share your fear for the next month. there will be a lot of fake cheer to go around.

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