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Santa Rats Do Not Christmas Cheer Make

In life, observations, writing on November 30, 2011 at 12:31 pm

I can’t get my Twitter thingy to link up with the IPhone thing-a-majig, but if I could, you’d be entertained or horrified–probably a little of both–by a photo I just took on my way to my morning dose of charred caffeine.  Not more than a block from this Starbucks where I am presently slamming down a special-blend espresso–read burned and bitter–there is a home and in this home, there is a bay window and underneath said window is a smaller window that is packed top to bottom with Christmas dolls. It’s a small window.  Probably it’s the basement window, which means that it’s already a little creepy. (I lived in a basement for a year, and it was creepy, but that might just be my experience.) Anyway, even if let’s say you really like the basement-living experience you once had, this window would still hit the creepy-mark because the Christmas dolls displayed are not really cheery. They’re old-school toys–not in the Old World sense mind you. Rather, they’re old-school as in they’re from an old, sad, dilapidated school from the depression. There are gnomes, which are awful AND creepy like my basement apartment experience. Who had the idea that they’re for Christmas?   There are also reindeer figures and faded stuffed animals wearing jumpers made of green felt and Santa caps. The most prominent of them being a giant Santa Rat at the center.

OK, let me say this now: you can’t just take any old toy and dress it in green felt and think you have achieved XMas cheer. There’s more to it, which makes me think that maybe the owner of this basement was not after cheer.  Maybe it’s a cry for help. Maybe, the person living in the basement is a captive and is hoping that a passerby will call the police instead of blogging about it. Maybe I’m the damaged person in this equation–though I have to say that the idea of a Santa Rat is pretty awful and if this captive I’ve imagined was really calling for help, I think he or she might not want to try so hard. I mean I was willing to look closely at the exhibit precisely because I lived in a depressing basement once. So you could say I have a taste for the disturbing, or at least, I ‘m not completely put-off. But how many other people really going to spend tie looking at a big Santa Rat? There are limits. Even cops would be frightened.

Look, I’m hopeful that there is no captive living in that basement. In the greater scheme of things, it’d be much better if there was just some old shut-in living down there spreading questionable cheer with his/her Santa Rat.  Yes, as disturbing as the exhibit is and as weird as it would be for a person to actually assume that a Christmas Rat and other dingy old toys would make children and adults alike happy, I am hopeful that that is the case.  And if that’s the case, I hope that this old shut-in will take down the display on a timely basis and not wait til next Halloween–even though it would be a better fit for that holiday.



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