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A few months back, I made a pact with God. It sounds grandiose, but that’s what I’d call it. I was up for a job. It wasn’t quite what I wanted, but it was more money and while applying at least, I convinced myself that it was close enough. Then, the week I was to find out if I’d gotten it, I woke up with a feeling, a voice from God–again, grandiose? Fine, but that’s what I heard. And what did the voice say? I was not asked to start my own religious movement or to preach to the heathens. I kind of wish that was the case because 1. I’m bald and kind of look like a cult-leader/guru. And 2. There’s money in spiritual movements–look at Scientology if you don’t believe me.

No, my Voice of the Divine was not a commanding voice. It preferred the conditional tense, as in “if thou dost not get the job, thou must write a script.”  I should say that I’ve had an idea to write one for a long time, but like other characters who have run-ins with the Almighty, fear was keeping me from following destiny. I don’t know why, but I can get overwhelmed by projects–almost paralyzed by the idea of doing things that supposedly I want to do. I’ve got 4 versions of 2/3 of a novel to prove it. Well, Moses lisped and was scared to speak to his people and Mohammed couldn’t read. And though I’m not saying that writing a script is like laying down the laws of God, it’s all relative. I might be bald, but I’m no religious hero–just a dude who writes. And writes is what I did.

Fast forward five months: I wrote my first short film based on a short story I had published a few years back. I also got a crew through a film cooperative here in SF. (I know. Typical. We don’t do clubs. We do collectives here in the Bay Area.) Still, I found some talented comrades there and together, we will embark on our movie for the proletariat–kind of.  Good, right? I should be happy, yes? I am, actually. But part of being a card-carying member of the collective is that if we can get the movie done within four months and if we come in under 10 minutes, we get to compete at a screening that is held at one of the more important theaters in town. If the movie wins a prize, then the writer (me) gets money for a next project. Here’s the rub. It’s a little like Oscar-run around here with all the politics and all the back-scratching. The comrades, basically, become serpents (again with the Bible). Still, we are encouraged to go to social events to schmooze because the collective as a whole are the judges and they decide what is and what is not a good film–hence if we get funding.

I have been getting out there and meeting (trying to meet) other filmmakers, not so much because I want them to vote for me. That just is a little too high school, and idiot that I am, I guess I feel that if the movie is decent, it should stand on its merits. So I go to these socials because I want to meet other artists, but those other artists, are not exactly nice people and not very interested in connecting. It’s a stereotype, but artistic-types kind of suck.  I guess I should be glad because I did manage to find some really great people for my project. Hard workers. Positive. Talented. The odd thing is that aside from those ten individuals, I have only met assholes who can’t be bothered with a newbie to the group. I guess that’s the way of any group–even Bay Area collectives. You have to put your time in and prove yourself. I get it.

But Jesus (also biblical) 500 Comrades in the Collective, and ten cool people. It’s all relative, I guess. Maybe the 490 fuckwads will be nicer after they get to know me. In the meantime, I’ll wait for The Voice to chime in.

Until then, hold good thoughts for the January 21 and 22.

  1. Good luck with your project. Hope to hear more, if only to get a laugh. Nice post.

  2. I like the way you write! This is another good one. Where can I see this video you made?

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