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More Talk About Branding Writers…

In humor, media, observations, writers & books, writing on May 29, 2012 at 6:20 am

So last week, I think I hit a nerve–in a good way.  I sheepishly posted about my experience trying to brand myself as a writer.  (Are sheep ever branded, by the way?) Anyway, I was sheepish because I’m lucky that some mighty fine writers read this blog on occasion–Anna Fonte, Joe Ponepinto, and Marc Schuster to name three.  As proof that I am a total novice at the branding thing, I’d tend to think that writers like them who are gifted don’t spend a lot of time reading manuals on SEO and social media campaigns.  I assume that their fans do the heavy lifting, and if not that, then these artist-writers just sit back and take it in stride.  They do not sully themselves with commerce.

It’s silly.  And some of the comments I got on the previous post are proof of that fact.  The writers above and a lot of the writers I’ve heard from recently all are struggling with the process of branding.  It’s not because they aren’t talented.  It’s because they are, and they want to get their stuff out there.

So, for those of you not in the know, here is what this writer (maybe a little talented) is doing to get his stuff out there–DAILY, mind you:

1. Try really hard on FB to come up with some kind of update about myself that isn’t stupid or douchey.  Also, look through other people’s timelines and LIKE things that I really like. (The first is not always easy, the second is usually a breeze.)

2. I look for like-minded Tweet-peeps and follow. (Repeat this ten times daily). I struggle and struggle to tweet one witty thing a day, and share 4 other things about the friends on FB or WP or about something I read, which hopefully is not about branding but lately is.

3. Linkedin update. Check in with the groups. Link in with LINKERS who are doing what I am doing, want to be doing, will want to be doing, etc.

4. Read other people’s blogs; comment intelligently (or at least not dumbly) and then…OMG…WAIT FOR IT…I write something of my own.

Jesus Christ.  Here’s a Catch-22 that even Joseph Heller would love: in order to get paid for being a writer, the writer has to spend most of her day not writing. If the writer does choose to write, no one will ever read that writing because no one will know of it.  If she chooses to brand herself, people will know her, but for what? For her brand and not for her writing because she had no real time to write anything worthy of her amazing brand.

I’d like to go on here, but according to the branding books, I am nearing the blog danger zone. Blog entries should not go longer than 400 words. 500 words are an absolute maximum.

I have also read that this is where I might want to share a piece of good news about myself.  So here goes two pieces:

1. One of my fables just went up at Xenith.  They did a really nice job with the layout, so if you are interested, please check it out here.

2. Cherise, a short dance film I wrote and produced, is in post production now and looking promising. That said, I have an FB fan page for it,  so please like and like generously.

OK, I think that’s enough douchey self-promotion.  (I know I’m not supposed to be self-deprecating about my brand, but Jesus Christ, I can only do so much. I’ve already gone way over my word count.

Goddamn it!!

  1. it’s a long, hard climb to make $$ as a writer.. I swim in seas as a promoter/writer (I personally have no desire to brand my words, but want others to brand…you need some push & nudge, Holler..I have my hands in the faces of some credible peeps out there..WP is only where I play!

  2. Okay, so I read your fabulous fable and liked your page and both were completely worthwhile. But that’s all I can do for today. All this branding leaves me ironed flat.

  3. “in order to get paid for being a writer, the writer has to spend most of her day not writing”
    Yes, that bothers me every day. But I’m hardly writing these days so I guess that means I will be successful. And many of the writers who have established reputations don’t write anywhere near the level that got them established in the first place. I just read a dud by Lorrie Moore…

  4. I spend twenty percent of my time writing and eighty percent of my time trying to get people to buy my book – and it isn’t even released yet….

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