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middle-aged and seeking a new line of work…AGAIN? REALLY?

In humor, life, observations on August 15, 2012 at 5:30 am

let’s see how long i can keep the smiles going

It’s late summer, and though I’m on “vacation” from teaching, I’m still at it.  My usual job is teaching GED classes out of community centers in the projects.  But I got hired to spend these same two weeks teaching academic workshops out of two of the hoitiest and toitiest prep schools in the Bay Area.  Since the money was good, I couldn’t turn down the work.

I don’t really feel like speaking about the obvious right now: the disconnect between the worlds I teach in.  In my usual world, I have kids who have seen more than anyone should, in this other strange one that I am visiting, I have kids who I think might benefit from seeing a bit more than just manicured lawns.  Ah, I know.  This is life and life can be unjust.  I won’t start preaching now because I’m tired and don’t want to come off as what I am: a west coast liberal.  (That said, next week, I’m going to be guest-blogging on one of Le Clown’s blogs, and since he’s Canadian, I will let out my lefty-ire there.  I’ll link here when that happens.)

For now, I will remark on the fact that it’s been almost two weeks since I started my vacation, and I’m not missing the old job–not one bit.  I’ve felt that before–when I worked a dumb office job.  People, I know, often don’t miss their jobs when they are on vacation.  But as a teacher, it’s not a good sign.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not like I want to teach elsewhere.  I’m sure that someone who really wanted to teach would be ecstatic to work with the high-powered kids I have these two weeks.  They actually are motivated and don’t complain.  But I’ve never liked easy things, and as a teacher, even though my GED kids are hard and complain, I feel like I’m actually teaching when I’m working with them whereas I’m just tweaking when I work with the prep school crowd.  And still, I’m not looking forward to going back to GED next week.

Sadly, I think it’s time to shift paths.

To what?  I have some ideas.  I know it’s going to have a story-telling component.  Over the next few weeks/months, this blog will record this fool’s errand I will be putting myself on.  The economy is for shit.  I have a baby boy.  My wife is a baker (read happy but not well paid).  I have a job and should be glad for it.  But I’m not.  I need a different challenge.  Fool? Yes.  Probably.  No, definitely.  But then again, remember, I said I like challenges. Eeh gad!  I did say that, didn’t I?

  1. You a fool? I say NO!!. Life is lived in really a short span when we think about it.. Something must be in the air because I too am contemplating a mid-life (well a bit past that I guess) career shift. If I have to work until I’m gray and walk slow, I want to LOVE it and feel fulfilled. Keep us posted on where the train tracks lead you.. should be an interesting ride 🙂

  2. Take it from one who gave up a successful business to pursue the writing dream. Some days you will wonder why you ever delayed the decision for so long. Other days you will curse yourself for giving up the money and the free time you may never see again. I’ve been at this for six years now, and I cannot adequately relate the alternating levels of joy and frustration. Every time I think I am ready to give up, I take another baby step forward. It would have been so much easier had I just kept on working at the business. But is that what life is about? I don’t believe so.

  3. I quit my job to write and mother and now I’m looking for a job. It’s time to get back on it. I find it bizarre that after all the money, energy, and time I’ve spent on my education, all I want in a job is a good part-time schedule. After all that emphasis on my brian, all I want to do for a living is something I don’t have to think of after the day is done. Give me a crap job that I don’t care about and let me pick up my kids from school, that’s all I’m asking.

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