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In career, life, observations on August 18, 2012 at 6:33 am


Confusion. Fright. A sense of being overwhelmed and needing a blanky.

This combination is not good, especially for a 40-year old, but it’s what I’ve been feeling a little bit lately.  Well, I need to be honest here: I’m slightly exaggerating.  I’m not really in need of a blanky.

Thinking about career, at least for me, is like a scene in an Indiana Jones movie.  I’m standing in front of a door with a bunch of symbols, and I know that if I somehow figure out a way to order those ideas, I’ll have the key to open the door.  But I don’t.  There are a couple reasons for this.  1. I feel like I don’t have enough time.  I’m getting too old to try things that could fail.  This is, of course, silly, since I’m only getting older and if I don’t try, I will never get anywhere.  But still, I feel the pressure to figure out the exact path, which would be fine except that my goal is quite broad.

Writing is a hard career path.  Wow, how’s that for a new thought.  But a lot of writers kind of put themselves in categories and stick to those categories.  Novelists write novels.  Playwrights write plays.  You get the point. And they keep after that goal until they succeed or die.   But after a lot of unsuccessful writing, I find that what I love best is story.  I don’t care about medium.  I mean I think a lot about how to tell stories and which medium is best for it, but if the story that comes out of me seems best suited to a graphic novel or to a video game or to a social media campaign, I’m ok with it.  I just want to write narratives.

At one level, I tend t think that this will open me up to anything, but on the other side of things, it means that I can get overwhelmed by the options.  I don’t know how to proceed.  I don’t know how to make all the things make sense.  I only know that I’m giving myself 9 months to figure it out.  9 months, a classic time period.  Pregnancy and school years are 9 months.  And now I can add a new item to that list of honorable events: career change.  9 months and I’m out of the classroom–at least for a while.

I went to

  1. You will find your niche.. I mean look at Henry Rollins right? From rocker to one helluva writer…

  2. you are a kind soul. thx for reading–as always.

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