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what’s so scary about writing?

In humor, life, observations on December 8, 2012 at 5:55 am

Heck if I know.

That’s all I got, folks.  An abstract question and a really silly answer.  There’s nothing scary about writing, but you wouldn’t know that from the way I put off writing today.  I had a solid hour and a half–a veritable bonanza of time nowadays with The Boy and work X 2 and the other crazy things I keep trying in order to make the dinero.  But what do I do with this gift of seconds and minutes?  I squander it.

I wanted to write.  I have a 52nd story to finish.  (For those new to my blog, I made a goal in 2011 that I would produce for better or for worse, 52 original stories.  I got to 47 and The Boy was born.  Then, I wrote what I will call the Crappy 4, which brought to story 52.)  OK, now that we’re all up to speed, I have the new goal that I will write my final story before the end of the year.   I can do that.  I should be able to do that.  I should have gotten a start today.  But no dice, Rollo.

It would be one thing if I were just being a lazy-ass, preferring to play Bike Barron or Temple Run instead of doing the work.  That’s be kind of lame considering I’m a 41-year old man, but at least, I’d get some joy.  Today, I felt no joy, only fear.  But what was I scared of?

Heck if I know.

If I dig down, I guess I fear the effort involved, but I don’t mean the effort required in writing.  What I fear is the cut-off, by which I mean, when I write fiction, I cut ties with this world in order to make up another.  Problem is, I’m not part of that world.  I’m making it, but I’m not part of it.  I almost always get a kick out of writing once I start, but those first few minutes as I’m starting to disengage from my concerns, from my daily self, I feel the difficulty, and the difficulty is caused by…. in a word, loneliness, a loneliness I don’t seem able to get myself accustomed to.

Does anyone else suffer from this?  I’d love to know I’m not the only crazy person out there.  Come on, folks, share your craziness.  I needs me somes crazy.  Give it over.


updates and a video of my reading debut…

In Uncategorized, writing on August 3, 2011 at 9:29 am

This is going to be short.  I am in an agent letter writing/GED fundraiser organization frenzy.  These two things and just life in general have kept me away from the ol’ blog.  Tomorrow, I will write again.  There’s a book that just came out about humiliation of all things.  I believe it’s written by a poet, and how it examines how the fear of humiliation moves us and changes us in our daily lives.  It’s an interesting coincidence because lately, I’ve been thinking about humiliation and how it affects the educational process.

Stay tune, that’s on tap next.

For now, allow me to keep my fiction writer’s hat on.  In fact, below (or is it above?) you will find a video of me reading.  Though I am not wearing a hat, my fiction writer’s hat is on, FYI.  It’s odd.  I have read my stuff before, but that was a long time ago before I started writing fiction.  Then, I was under the This American Life/David Sedaris spell, which kind of emphasizes the whole performance-reading aspect of storytelling.  But since switching to the made-up stuff, I’ve never thought to read in public.  In a sense, this is my maiden voyage.  In the video,  I’m reading at July’s Quiet Lightning, which is a great lit series here in SF.  A big honor.  Thanks to Evan Karp, the curator/organizer/go-to-guy, for letting me read.

ALSO, let me remind you all that I committed myself to writing 52 short-shorts in 52 weeks a couple months back, and I’m still at it .  You can check out the first 8 stories on my site, the history of things.   My ninth and latest story is on 52 Stories

9 down, 43 to go!!!  WOOOO!  Stay tuned on Sunday for something new.

And now for the video:

50 to go…week 2–Story 2: a fable

In writing on June 12, 2011 at 10:42 am


It’s Sunday, which means 52 Stories, a really wonderful blog on Tumblr, is publishing my second of 52 short-short stories for the year.  Last week, I mentioned this, but as a dare to myself, I have joined this group of writers and artists on 52 Stories to see if I can come up with one flash-fiction piece every week.  The stories have to be short–under a thousand words–which is both easier and harder than what I normally do.  Knowing where my fiction is heading, the stories will probably be fables or magical in nature, unlike last week’s Donuts story, which is older, but which I hope you might check out as long as you’re at it.

OK, my peeps.  Happy Sunday and good reading!

why I know I’m old: I just don’t get Tumblr…

In media, observations, Uncategorized, writers & books on May 31, 2011 at 9:48 am

I’m kind of old.  Old enough that people–my students–are starting to tease the white whiskers in beard, but I’m still young enough….  Damn, I can’t think of anything.  OK, fine, I’m of the middle-ages.  I don’t think about age usually, but what with the blog and with my own writing and with trying to get people to read my writing, I’m always looking to learn new things about social media.  I like Facebook, blogging, and I’m even into Twitter.  But a few weeks back while planning for a fundraiser, I came across a guy who was raving about Tumblr.  Well, I just don’t get it.  I love people’s pages.  I love the themes–there are really some beautifully laid out pages, but I can’t figure out how to do it myself.  I’m feeling old.

All of this would be fine except that recently, I joined this writing project called 52 Stories where I have to write a short story every week for a year, and if the writing wasn’t enough, YUP, you guessed it, we are using Tumblr.

So I have no choice. This old man is going to start Tumbl’n–or whatever the proper verb is–with the young’ns.

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